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1.Because it's on a Friday
2.Because it's not on a Monday
3.To have a 3 day weekend
4.There's not enough national holidays
5.Look at all the great people that were born on Friday the thirteenth
(Not that I can think of anybody,can you think of anybody ?)
6.So people can go to Ho Chunk and bet all their money away
7.It's better than a poke in the eye
8.To commemorate our thirteenth president Mildred Filmore,
don't you remember what he did for our country ?
9.To give people another day to put their flags up
10.Actually did you know the number 13 is patriotic ?
There are 13 stripes on the flag representing the first 13 states
11.With all the other laws and legislator nowadays why not ?
12.So that hotels that have the number 13 will do better business
and hotels without the number 13 will be laugh at
And the 13th and finale reason is:
Because I couldn't think of anything thing else to write but Baker's Dozen