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1.When I first met you
I thought you were wise
I thought your Ideas were real intelligent

How was I to know
That you were really crazy
And that Dead Skunk Perfume you would invent

Chorus:Well it stinks and it's lousy
And it smells like dead onions
Or even something worse:Dead people in the tomb
Don't open the bottle
If you should find it
Don't go out and buy Dead Skunk Perfume

2.Well I used to go out with
A real pretty lady
She loved me and she smelled just like a rose

But somehow you convinced me
That you were better
So now when we go out I hold up my nose/(go back to chorus)/

Bridge:Dead Skunk Perfume will kill your neighbors
Dead Skunk Perfume will kill you as well
And if you die with that smell on you
God'll kick you out of heaven and you'll go to
(Well I hope not)/(back to chorus)