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Are you yawning-yawning for the break of day ?
Do you stay up when I'm away ?
Are you yawning-yawning for my love ?
In the twilight of the moonlight up above
Are you my sweetheart,my honeysuckle,my turtledove ?
Or am I just a lost forsaken lefthand glove
Left behind in the winter's frozen bitter cold

Are you yawning in the spring ?
Do you hear the bluebird sing ?
Is the sun melting in your heart ?
From the kisses I inpart ?
Are you yawning, or just asleep ?
Am I dreaming, or is my love deep ?
Deeper than a tidal wave
Do you regret the love I gave ?
Am I silly ?
Am I brave ?
Do you wonder why I act the way I behave ?

Are you yawning for my love,
Or just tired and wanting none ?
Did I wake you in the night ?
Do you linger for my light ?
Is it special ?
Is it kind ?
Are you confused ?
Is love blind ?
Do you wander ?
Are you mine ?
These are the questions I think of my valentine