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Waking up on a monday,
treatin' it like a sunday
Mr. Sun's back and he's scratching your back for me
What a perfect day to be

wake you up from a nice dream
to take you out for an ice crem
Spend the day on a ferris wheel by the sea
What a picture perfect way to
give me your heart, I won't let go

I'm hoping that someday, someday,
I'm gonna put a smile on that pretty face
Someway, someway,
we'll still be dancin' when we're old and we're gray
But I'm looking at your from a distance,
You don't know what you're missin' girl
Someday, someway, I know it's gonna be okay

Oh I know it's gonna be ok

Strolling under the boardwalk,
driftin' off to the sound of the band oh
Nine o'clock comes and nine o'clock's gone away
Got a date at Ricks cafe,
hold your hand in the back row.
Steel a kiss in the shadows,
as time goes by I know we will be
a perfect love story
I gave you my heart, so don't let go . . .