50 Cent - Heartless Monster Lyrics

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bay area
you are now rockin
with big von and 50 cent
roll something smoke somethin nigga uh yea
i fall off then i bounce back
im incredible
6 2 to a 0
back to 62 here we go

its like everytime i get on some niggas try to jam me
i grind i go hard for mine niggas tried to jam me
im strapped now movin around wit the swammie
got a baby by ya baby mama nigga we family
niggas mad at the kid cuz im caked up
yea they want that pinky ring yea they want that jacob
sleepin beauty tell me whan ya gone wake up
youll never have me hog tied youll never have me jaked up
im holdin, mutha fuckka im strizapped
im rollin wit the mizzac ill lay ya ass flizzat
ya wan talk tough to me ya wan be dead
its boom bye bye to a batee boy head
i had a dream i was broke and woke up rich
it used to be the other way around aint that some shit
i had a pistol under my pillow a pistol next to my kicks
pistol on my night stand pistol next to my bitch
i seen bullets on the couch i seen bullets by the tv
woke up feelin like niggas cant see me
ask em and dre they tell you now im on some different shit
cuz i got a different tech and it got a different clip
yea i got money now everyday a different whip
different bricks flipped different trip shut ya fuckin lips
dont be a rat nuttin worse that dat

its the return of the heartless monster
i already know what time it is
and you already know what time it is
i shake the muthafuckkin town up
niggas already said they say if 50 cant do numbers
then the numbers cant be done
i should give yall niggas a whole r&b record
808s and my hearts broken
im just a different breed of nigga
niggas is faggots man
i dont like none of these niggas man
come around niggas got them rainbow colors on
yall niggas confused
niggas from the hood aint supposed to wear no retro shit
ima tell my lil niggas to start kickin ya fuckin ass
see ya out there wit that funny shit on
look him hes a faggot kick him kick his fuckin ass

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