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-- 50 Cent * ft. [ Brooklyn ] --

Many Men wish death upon me blood in my eyes dawg
and I cant see, I'm trying to be destined what I'm destined
to be and niggas tryna take my life away I put a whole in a
nigga for fucking wit' me my back on the wall now you gon'
see you better watch what you say when you talk about me,
coz I'll come and take your life away many men.. many many
many many men wish death upon me Lord I dont cry no mo'
don't look to the sky no mo' have mercy on me..

* 50 Cent *

hey these pussy niggas puttin' money on my head,
go on get your refund mother fucker I aint dead I'm the diamond
in the dirt that aint been found, I'm the underground king
and I aint been crowned when I rhyme suttin special happen
everytime Im the greatest suttin like Ali and this prime I walk
the block with the bundles I been knocked from the humble swing the ?
when i rumble got a temper on me nigga go head lose your head turn
your back on me get clapped and lose your legs I walk around gun on
my waist chip on my shoulder til I bust a clip on your face this beef aint over


Many men.. Many many many many men wish death
'pon me Lord I dont cry no more don't look to the sky
no mo' have mercy on me.. have mercy on my soul [ Dj Vlad ]
somewhere my heart turned cold have mercy on.. many men
many many many many men wish death 'pon me

* Brooklyn *

see many bitches don't like cause I dont gotta get on my
knees to make a couple more g's I left the hood so they
talk about me but I aint too far come back and lay your
ass on street see I dont think they understand you cant
interupt god's plan so stop fucking with me coz im not that
type of bitch ill fill your brain with every bullet in this 'clipse
so stop fucking wit me

you better watch what you say when takk about me i aint fox
not kim not eve im fully capable of burn all three im a threat to
this game like deadly disease.. im the reason these broads is
about to go bankrupt they coppin'minks and jewels I was stackin
the cake up- I'm 19 now and Im goin on 20 and I'd be damned if
grandma walked around wit her pockets empty I'm from the
dark part of the ghetto I been through hunga, let's pretend I'm
death comin' and I gotcha numba I put you in your grave
with a good one slumba everybody in the hood know im the new
world wonda im a young chick doin it, shittin on half these hoes
everything I spit sounds so super-nat-ural and broads wanna hate
I laugh at those coz brook'll flip the script turn around and clap a hoe


* Brooklyn *

yo lemme tell ya'll people sumthin' somebody needs to call 911
Dj Vlad has officially.. kept me, Brooklyn hostage in this boof yo
this is Brooklyn and im chillin up in here wit Dj Vlad reppin' aftermaf
like no other- fuck murder inc I wouldnt even give those mother
fuckers one bar.. im tired.. im hungry.. im out

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