50 Cent - Move Around Lyrics

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yeah ah
i say a shake it shake it ah drop it drop it ah break it break it ah
cause i ma s to da o to da n to da i to da a yeah dats ma
name sonia.

ya now we had to do a remix right report to da dance floor i repeat
report to da
dance floor

yeah ah
i was in ma lemozin
readfing my magazim
in da bak seat
restin ma feet
we stopped at da red carpet
and i yelled stop it some kids in second class
were grabbin ma ass

i kicked them wif ma heels and they dropped
their movie reels
i shake ma bodie hard near dat fat
teener lard
i walked through da doors and
sang to da pimps and hoes

and dis is
wat i did

i turned around and heard a sound
ma heart was pumpin
da crowd was jumpin

so i raised da mike
and started singin ma rap

yo dis one here goes to
miss anderson
you a bitch your a bitch you
stink like shit
you slut you slut
you can fuk a cup.

aha yeah

bom chuka luka
you a motha fuka
your motha so crazy and you a so lazy
you stupid
fukin white ass
sorry to all ma white friend
but i had to say dt to
miss anderson

fuk you bitch

aha yeah aha yeah.

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