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Nigga, my gun go off
You see tha barrell turnin'
You feel tha hollows burnin'
Nigga, now you learnin'

Nigga, my gun go off
Call it attempted murder
Nigga I'm try'na merk ya
When I come back, bussin'

Nigga, my gun go off
Don't try'na say I'm trippin'
When I get to flippin'
Then I smack tha clip in

Nigga, my gun go off
We call it puttin' work in
Leavin' niggas hurtin'
Homocide's lurkin'

Nigga, my gun go off!!

(Verse 1)
Fuck boy you can see it to believe it
Try'na dodge and wave it, end up a parapelegic
Believe me, it's easy
I'll hurt you, I'll merk you, I'll pop somethin
Drop somethin, I ain't gonna stop huntin'
Run-run till you're spun
One shot, one gun
One-nine..1-1, emergency
It's murder B
It's excellent execution when I'm pullin' the trigga
No mistake, for that cake
I'm hittin' you and ya niggas
Feel tha flame when I aim
For the top of ya brain
See the spark and the bang
Nigga shit ain't a game
Do the math or get blast
Bullets go thru the glass
Go-thru ya ass, fast
And the leather seat sittin' Ave
It's not a war when there's casualties on one side
I ride!
Turn it up on you niggas after Jay ride-by
I click-clack, that's that I don't flash, I mash
I wave the uzi at em
I make a movie out em


(Verse 2)
You better lose yourself in the moment
Use it, fuck-the-music, I'ma let it go!
You only get one shot before I back out and fire back
At ya hat, cha back, ya ass crack, ya nutsack
Ya caddilac, if you make it to that--I'm hittin' that!
The 70's was smack, 80's crack! 90's was grimey
Millenium macs, man
Clips on tha whips, I ride in 'em
Bad bitches I ride-inn 'em
Don't worry, I'll gett'em
Gat Jammed or un-jammed
Goddamn safest the safety don't work
Squeeze tha Eagle, it chirp
End up faced down in the durt--more than hurt
Bring tha beef where you hang out
Bang out
Shots rang out!
Hit ya shoulders, try'na blow ya brains out!
Hit ya hommies in they legs
Bet they have their canes out, tomorrow
You know tomorrow's just a day away
If you can keep ya heart beatin' then ya ass awake!


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