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[Hook: 50 Cent]
I have nightmares, nightmares, all the time
I wake up, I look up, shook up, say fuck, put my hands on my nine
Niggas I cut, or we stuck, and they move, so we buck, they come back,
in my dreams at night I have nightmares, nightmares, all the time

[Verse 1: Mobb Deep]
Last night I had a vision of my dead friends in my sleep, they showed my
things, I aint really wanna see They showed me flashbacks of murder
scenes, bodies bubblin, in acid tubs, with they feet head and hands cut off,
oh shit, I had woke up buggin, sweatin bullets, checkin for my gun, I gotta
stop smoking that haze or something, I kno I aint crazy, I'll go outside for
some fresh air maybe, it's 3 oclock in the night, the block is on fire, took
my nigga bottle for a swig oh the fire, he told he just had seen the bitch ass
nigga, must be god that's keeping me from seein this nigga, wanna crawl on
me, and creep on me, cuz they kno better then to let me see him in front
of me, outside the car, away from the police, I'll turn him into dreams,
demons in my sleep


[Verse 2: 50 cent]
Every time I go to sleep its like I stroll down memory lane, and see the dirt
I've done before I quite the flame, if you can see what I see, you see me
poppin the chain, or you see me scrappin, I pull out and pop off that thang,
im usually hustlin, bubblin, slingin that ‘caine, no matter the weather its sun
snow sleet or it's rain, see fiends got a habit, it hurts so they feedin they
vein, and I gotta habbit of havin grahams of it mayne, I'm chasin the paper,
it' simple im bout my bread, I cock it and pop it your white tee will turn red,
see niggas that know me, who owe me, they see me, they run, they know
if I catch em I cut em for feed em my gun, it's real in the field, nigga front
and get yo cap peeled, with that nina, that check, that ??? on that mack
meal, unload and reload, I live by the streets code, and pray to lord have
mercy on my soul


[Verse 3: Havoc]
Keep havin these dreams, I think I'm just losin my brain, I wake up in
sweat, my girl think im sniffin that ‘caine, I try to remember, but none of
them ever the same, I dream of my brother, but never since he passed
away, he talk to me, and I can't hear nothing he say, fuck it, go along with
it, just be happy to see him, I think that nigga tryna tell me something
though, when I see him I forget to ask him, fuck I wanan know
Probably tryna to tell me, your gun , it better blow, when you in the street,
cant react slow, cuz niggas in this rap game, think shit sweet, getting
disrespectful like I won't push meat, should be poppin off in my dream but
then I get caught, is he tryin to tell me so my soldiers cuz you a bust,
niggas wanna see my down, I aint ‘fraid of getting poked, damn if I ever
go broke


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