50 Cent - Off & On Lyrics

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i'm legendary i'm necessary
and call me ferrari and call me 50
call me big homie

i got a bad bitch over the ..
i fin the papa oh
nigga call em and dirt me i'll be the dropped the oh
is the quick the ..live super ..
and top it all top it all
niggas try to front on my swag knock it off
put the strap in the .. and knock it off
i'm aside to have to come do block it off
that's what they do after the chopper ..the chopper off
they say nigga off they .. nigga off
i'm on the run way run way takin off
i tell the chick pay a pimp bitch break it off
i smack a hoe that ain't shit bitch shake it off

off and on these niggas been off and on
and it go on and on, and it go on and on
off and on, be i'm never off i'm on
and it go on and on, and it go on and on

go here ask about 50 for love i never take a loss
i'm a boss tell the niggas to let it off set it off
diamond clothes flash long niggas floss it all
it all cause god damn it all cause
.. now it all .. nigga swag me so off
get it now it .. nigga swag me so off
this done till i ..i blew off
,who the f*ck ..make a hater
,wanna be my secret ..
she tell the nigga .. i can tell the ..

[2 x hook:]

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