50 Cent - Officer Down Lyrics

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Aow, it hurts
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The D's tryin' to plant a murder on me
In the precinct, they sayin' I done murdered homey
I told my lawyer, I ain't heard of homey
And e'rybody know my niggaz murder fo' me
You see homi' in your crib, it ain't a burglary homey

They fin' to have me stuck in purgatory
I'm down to do the stickin' when it come to the orgies
Conventional methods of sex, totally bore me
Wait, I'm gettin' sidetracked, back to the story
These cock suckin' police got it in fo' me

They flash the lights, they wan' rough me up
Frisk me, find my burner and cuff me up
But history repeats itself, they never learn
The unit's, the new people who gon' beheaded burns
Huh, we'll find out when niggaz, let off the rounds
And his partner's screamin', officer down

Police get in the way, I'll murder them, I'll murder dem
A nigga already got three strikes, I'll murder them
I said I'll murder them, any motherfucker touch me
I'll murder them, I'll murder them
You don't believe me, wait and see, I'll murder them
You see I told you, I'd murder them

They sayin' I'm an accident waitin' to happen
I got one in the head, I'm just waitin' to clap it
A pimp told me, I was made for this Mack shit
So just get you a white girl, don't fuck with no black bitch
I got two felonies from sellin' that crack shit
And the third one came from showin' niggaz my mac spit

See, I'm down for that daytime action
Have niggaz crawlin' under cars when I start to cappin'
So they don't know what to say to the captain
But they know if word get back, somethin' gon' happen
I've been shot, I've been stabbed but I ain't been snitched on
You snitchin' where I'm from you gon', get your shit blown

South side, I make the best of the worst
We gotta share the same bitch, okay, I go first
'Cause your, baby's momma is my baby's momma
I come through to see my little nigga with the llama

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