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Whooo kid
Yo whats up it?s the kid 50 cent this is new shit right
here on (site) exclusive
You got me feeling crazy them a motherfucker
Remember where u heard it first
Play this on the radio (hell no)
Play this on the radio (damn nigga)
Play this on the radio (what the fuck u say?)

First they say that faggot hot
Them they let that junkie shot
Keep all them fucking trophies
tell me where the fuck is mine
Im back on the underground
Back where im home now
Show you how I melted it , this is how I feel now
Focus on my lyricsnow , im having a melt down
I don?t wanna sip tea or chit chat on your sofa
Bitch I aint jay-z ?fuck you oprah?
Suck dick deep gone gang down gang
You don?t like hip hop? Then we don?t like your ass
Fuck you ur boys ??Don?t even mention my shit
Im the hottest nigga on the net
The kids sensor my shit
I say what the fuck I wanna say I don?t been on some shit
Shit, bitch, cocksucker, punk bitch motherfucker play this on the radio
Faggot, hoe, slut, cut, suck a dick,
roll a blunt ? play this on the radio (2x)
White bitch , black bitch,
asian bitch, crazy hoe ? play this on the radio (2x)
Cracker spit, horny trick,
buy a pussy.. see here we go ? play this on the radio (2x)

Yeah,? turn it up now, so u can hear me
It?s the return of the heartless creative monster
Eminem dre 50
Shady aftermath - Play this on the radio
Niggas cant tell me nothing son
I was broke fucked up, now what? I dare u say something?
I break your fucking neck? anyone of these niggas son
Im waiting
And Im on ur heels Mr carter
I heard u
U want me to die ugly? Ok..
Don?t end up on the list..
be a missing person like camrom, ja, joe.. who want some?
Who want it? What up?

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