50 Cent - So Disrespectful Lyrics

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I'm so disrespectful!
So, so, so disrespectful!
I'm so disrespectful!
So, so, so disrespectful!

[Verse 1:]
Your daddy fucked your mama, then fucked your sister!
Then claimbed that you're bad, playin' with you shitter!
Go ahead! - Take your belt off and hang yourself!
Matter of fact, grab a strap and bang yourself! [blast]
Jay's a big man! - He's too big to respond
I'm a big dick, you know the one everybody's on!
You gonna make me say murder was the case
Bullets ricochet ping-ping should've stopped your face!
I'm international, I'm never home mayne
I've been so long my accent changed!
You better watch who you fuck with mayne
Or you gonna make me curve your ass now straight!
C'mon Game! You'll never be my equal!
Your homies shoot doors! My niggas shoot people!
See me? I'm what you will never gon' be,
I'm in that tax bracket you'll never gon' see!

When you cross me [shot] - I'm so disrespectful! [shots]
So, so, so disrespectful! [automatic gunshots]
See? - I get so disrespectful! [automatic gunshots]
So, so, so disrespectful
When you cross me [shot] - I'm so disrespectful! [shots]
So, so, so disrespectful! [automatic gunshots]
See? - I get so disrespectful! [automatic gunshots]
So, so, so disrespectful!

[Verse 2:]
That nigga Buck like Game! - Tell mamma he done smoked in TV
I ain't know he fucked with more dope than B.G.
Plus the nigga sip more syrup than Pimp C
Man keepin' these motherfuckas as rich ain't easy!
Especially when a nigga wanna stunt like Jeezy!
And his CDs didn't sell like his CDs!
Man that nigga blew all his chips on them breezies!
Mad cause the world won't treat him like Weezy!
Look I don't give a fuck; nigga please believe me!
No nigga in a vocabule for round can see me!
Is crazy how I make that shit look oh so easy?
They say: "50 nah don't fuck with him, he's oh so greezy! "
Yeah he used to share that paper now he's oh so greedy!
It's funny how they shit on me cause then they need me!
See I'm number one! - I'm loadin on my gun!
I'll catch you and you're gone! - You pussy nigga run!

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 3:]
They say first comes love! [gun cocks] - Then comes mariage! [shots]
Instead I got Shaniqua and a baby careage!
Then came the cash and a baby mamma drama [automatic gunshots]
I gave a bitch half of mill, she blew it on Prada! [automatic gunshots]
I remember when I met the bitch, she ain't have nada [automatic gunshots]
Now my son on some fly shit. - Now I got to buy shit!
Man I can't even flew shit, cause everybody want shit [automatic gunshots]
Everybody mad; damn even my dad! [automatic gunshots]
And I don't even know him, nah I don't fuck owe him. [blast]
I ain't givin' nobody shit! - I'm a show them!
I gave Game hits, he told me to suck dick
Start screamin': "WestSiiide! " And Dre ain't say shit!
Now we just eat on Pam - and when I talk to EM
A smile comes on his face! - He told me he's the case!
Enemies stays enemies but friends they change,
Niggas go crazy over money, my mayne!

[Repeat Chorus:]

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