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I'll take these words like a beating,
but they are far from the Truth.
You will find meaning when you realize this world is
not about you. Where's the compassion?
What rank are you to tell me I don't belong?
Pride comes before the fall,
you are not God, you never will be.
When this is over, you only make enemies,
you were made for so much more.
Oh to love with a purpose and lose our arrogance.
The more you put yourself on a pedestal,
the more wrath will be given to you.
Harsh words try to destroy the hope inside.
I see who you are, where you're heading,
this path leads only to Hell.
Venom dripping from your lips,
wounds the ill, I know you see it.
My hope will not die, this world is not mine,
I'm not God in it, stitch the mouth and show compassion.
We are not the same I see your intentions,
they try to tear me apart,
you love yourself with death in your heart.
We are not the same. We need to love and get "me" out
of the way, you are not God,
you never will be. Your words are venom to the broken,
and I'm broken, I will love you and you will hate me. We are not the same.

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