Akon - Street Rider Lyrics

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Game- Im feeling like a muthafuckin boss bangin 2pac
high as a muthafuckin queens bitch rooftop
blowing on this purple haze feeling invincible
sellin dough, never snitch hood nigga principles and
byebye live by and die by nigga
even when im finger fuckin hoes finga on tha trigger
diamonds in ma crucifix feeling like a priest
open the doors of ma garage see that 92 caprice
soldier for the cause dont leave home without the strap
know the map like the back of my hand therefore I trap
see them cars and them street bikes
shining in the street lights blowing on this peace pipe
welcome to the street life.

Akon- Case me through the night,
man you better believe that im a street rider
Case me through the night,
I keep it tucked in my sleeves cuz im a street rider uh-huh
im a hustler ghetto entrepreneur uh-huh
and addicted to money causin holes uh-huh
got my tommy tucked and ready to draw uh-huh
better make a finger run screamin fuck the law

Game- The phantom cant hold me so I win ball a spider nigga
i switch beats like a fucking rough rider can there mention suicide rims
niggas cant live it with it commit suicide then wish cash on a hater
wish aids on a slut take the ride kill me cuz there
aint a bitch that i trust
im just rollin up this kush bout ta crash my girls
truck her friend texted me
trying to kick it like the world cup see this cronic gets the h's paid
trying to hit the blunt she a cunt hit her once and call her ass next month
see this bitches trying to stunt and these niggas stay hating see ma watch
and cold bitch call that hoe sarah palin all my albums went platinum nigga
thanx to the block voice raspy as ever nigga thanx
to them shots back reppin
aftermath nigga thanx to doc and these hoes in ma panamera
thanx to some rocks.

Akon - Chorus

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