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I dont care what they say baby im gon b with u
out in hawaii thats becuse i will always stay tru
because ur my one girl that makes my head swril cause im in love with u
baby cant u see this is the way it was supposed to be
it not that hard its easy as one two three
just say that u love me
cuz baby this is my sunny day just listen to what i say
I dont want to be on the block no more havin to hear
about people that got sprayed
so baby no more delay this is my sunny day who wouldve
though that i would see this day know i hope for everyday
until we pop champagne
cuz not a damn thangs changed except me i dont know
if that was the way it was supposed to be but i do know one thing
just listen to what i sing cuz i lonve u more than everything
all we got to do is hop on the plane and goto hawaii cuz
cant u see thats the way it was supposed to because
u mean more than me than i think u can see cuz u saty
right next to my heart and i thought about you while
i was in the dark but know this is my sunny day but
ima keep it on the low cuz i dont give a fuck what
the industry say this is my sunny day

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