Al Green - I Wanna Hold You Lyrics

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Hold you, I wanna hold you
I'd like to hold you, yeah

Good God, could I hold you in my arms?
And feel your lucky charms
I could call you on the phone
Tell you a ride home

I'd like to hold you, oh, yeah
(Hold you)
Hold you
(Hold you)

I don't mind if I hold you, ooh yeah
(Hold you)
Hold you
I wouldn't do nothing at all

I'd like to talk to you, explain
You know my name
I'd like to say that I, I love you
Because you know that I do

I would like to hold you, baby
Hold you, hold you, hold you
(Hold you)
I wouldn't even say anything

Just stop, write this down, will you?
I love you, oh, yeah
You don't have to shout for a ride
I'll love you through the night

Would you chauffeur me till noon
But our love was not so
Hey, you staying with me till my mind
I would be crazy in no time

I would like to hold you
(Hold you)
Call somebody, and ask them that
(Hold you)

Hold you
(Hold you)
I wanna hold, I wanna, I wanna
Hey, hey, hey yeah
(Hold you)

Hold you in like a lady
(Hold you)
Take you take you
Take you in my arms, baby
(Hold you)

Take you, take you, take you
(Hold you)
Take you, take you, take
(Hold you)
Take you in my arms

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