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Join the 1st Church of Beatlemania.
Yes, this is the Reverend Paul McCartney Smith telling you
all you need is love so send us your money
because money can't buy you love and love is all you need.
Our 40 member choir knows over 100 Beatle songs
and are dressed in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club's Band uniforms.
Whether your Lady Madonna or Mr. Nowhereman
You'll really feel at home in our air conditioned apple shape auditorium
which is only 3 blocks from EMI studios on Abbey road or was that Crabby ?
Well anyways, we have the immortal words of
Ringo Starr,
John Lennon,
Paul McCartney,
& George Harrison
in a large bold black print on gold paper on leather bond book
which can be yours for a single donation of a $100 dollars.
Also included with the $100 dollars
is a 5 year membership in our church and your own Beatle wig.
This book which we have titled the Beatle Bible
includes interviews with not only the immortal Beatles
but also their dreams, their ideas,
their idols, their idol' idols, their idol' idol' idol' idols,
their friends and family.
If your one of the first 500 to join this month
will also send you the Beatle Hymn Book.
Yes you can be a Beatle !
Join the first church of Beatlemania and love-love our church.

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