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Well, thanks for listening to this tape,
I just want to say if you haven't found Jesus;
He's looking for you. In fact, he can be your friend
and companion and be with you anytime you just tell him.
Tell him you want him to be in your heart and tell him to be your friend
and then spend time if you can with him.
You know it doesn't have to be a big trip or anything.
You don't have to wear a big cross to be a good person.
There are a lot of nice, good people out there
that don't have to wear a big cross.
I mean, God doesn't want everyone to be a preacher.
He just wants everyone to follow him and be his friend
and if you want to follow him and be his friend,
well he'll be glad to take you in.
He'll bless you if you do good works and stuff.
You may not always get blessed like Solomon.
Maybe sometimes you'll have problems like Job,
but God will still love you and be your friend
and love is not always money. Love is peace inside you and joy.
And you know the great thrill of just knowing that God loves you.
And you're not going to become famous or rich overnight,
but maybe you'll be wise and know what to do and what to not do.
That all I really want to say.

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