Art Paul Schlosser - Adam On The Juice Harp Lyrics

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Art Paul:Oh ah I wanted to introduce you to my friend Adam.
Adam gonna be playing his juice harp.
Oh that's a drag did that hurt Adam ?
Are we recording this right now ?
Oh I'm sorry. Hey we're recording this I'm sorry for-
Adam: You can start anytime.
Art Paul:Are we ready to go ?
Adam: We're ready
Art Paul:Okay push it we'll record
Adam: Oh it's been recording
Art Paul:Oh it has I'm sorry I didn't we we're recording.
Okay I'm Art, and I'll let Adam. Adams gonna play his juice harp here.
Juice Harp~~~~~~~~~
Art Paul: Okay that's enough Adam.
What is it like to be a juice harp player Adam ?
Adam:Well it's not that hard.
It's only when it hits your teeth that it's hard.
so um I just a I'll rise above it
I continue to play professionally and I like it.
Art Paul:Do you think there's hope
for other juice harp players out there ?
Adam:No I've seen a lot of juice harp players come
and go and it takes a special breed really.
You just got to stick with it and hope that your teeth don't chip off.
And if they do that's okay because you really don't need them.
Art Paul:Okay well that's enough I can't
I don't have anymore time for you
on my show Adam I've got to do this song.
Adam: Come On Art.
Art Paul: Oh okay
Adam starts to play
Art Paul:That's enough Adam
We did we let you play some now I'm gonna do this.

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