Art Paul Schlosser - Body Odor Blues Lyrics

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I woke up this morning
Body Odor
I got up went to the bathroom
Body Odor
I look in the cabinet couldn't find anything
Body Odor
No shaving cream, no shampoo, no detergent, deodorant,
nothing not even soap, not even Ivory soap Body Odor Blues

I went over to the local convenient store I don't know maybe it was
Walgreens or stop n go or something
Body Odor
I guess it was Sunday or Maybe it was Monday or Maybe even Tuesday
they didn't have anything
Body Odor
They said "Well the stock guy comes in on Friday"
Body Odor
They didn't have no shampoo, no detergent, no deodorant, no cologne,
no perfume, not even Ivory soap Body Odor Blues

Well you know these things they come in threes
Body Odor
And you know I had to go to work that day
Body Odor
Well as soon as I got to work my boss took me aside
and said you know boy
You've got the Body Odor
You've got the you stink really bad like a dead fish out of water
and we can't afford to keep you employed here Body Odor Blues
(You know they were afraid I was scary off the customers)

Well you know sometimes these things come in fours
not just in threes and I had a date that night
Body Odor
I was getting all dress up at least I thought if I look good
and had some money
Body Odor
I got in the car I was driving, I didn't even get a mile away
and then I heard my cellular phone ring ring ring
(well it sounded something like that anyways)
and I started talking and Low and Behold guess who it was ?
It was my girlfriend and I smell you a mile away
and you stink worse then a skunk or a dead fish out of water
or you know one of those slimy green things
you've got no cologne, no perfume, no deodorant, no shampoo,
nothing Body Odor Blues

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