Art Paul Schlosser - End Times Poetry Lyrics

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I see the flames of fire
Burning cross the land
I hear the tears of children
That no one understands

I see the distant thunder
Sinking in quicksand
Of all the foolish dreamers
And all the waisted plans

I see the day a coming
It will not be that long
When all the righteous children
Will sing the victory song

But hold on my brother
You must be strong
Because you have to go through sorrow
Before you'll see the dawn

Now some may call me crazy
And some may say I lie
And some may say it's beyond me
To look beyond the sky

But if you say you're ready
It should not be a surprize
To say that Chirst is coming
Coming for his Bride

But so many are distracted
And lost within their life
Their jobs are more important
Then waiting for the Christ

They do not see the reason
They do not see the rhyme
They do not see the earthquake
The warning or the sign

They gladly waiste their money
Or work themselfs to death
And fill their time with poison
But it's important to have good breath

And so if Christ is coming
We need not worry no
As long as we have a house
To protect us from the snow

An air conditioner would help
You say if it gets too warm
But you do not imagine
Or understand the storm

You sit back eating popcorn
Like there is no alarm
While demons are arising
And you are not informed

I know you are a Christian
I know you go to church
I know you even claim to
Have the second birth

But though you love the Lord
You do not put him first
And all the things you're doing
They have no token worth

I see the flames of fire
Burning cross the land
I see the tears of people
Who do not understand

They will not go to Heaven
Just because they think they're grand
They must repent from sin
To reach the promise land

I know the day is coming
Sooner than you think
When all the righteous children
Will gather in a wink

In a wink of an eye
In a moment-In a moment
The dead shall rise first
Then we at the last trumpet

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