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Well I was talking to Johnny Danger and he said I should write a song.
A dedication song to him and Greg Bear.
And um I wrote this before I met Johnny Danger.
And a lot of these pretty girls and ugly girls
and some women that actually thought they were good looking
that I thought were really gross looking came up to me
and said Hey could you write a song for me.
Could you put my name in the song
and I would love it so much if you would write a song just for me.
And so in thinking of all these people who want a generic.
Actaully they want a dedication song
but I don't know if they want a generic one,
I thought it would be great to write a generic one for everybody.
So here is one and it could be for Sly in the morning
or Dr Demento or Randy here at Randy's recording
or um my wife Robin or Simon Peter my son
and there's a whole list of more other names
that I probable should mention like The great LukeSki
or The Gomers or so n so and so n so
and my Uncles and Aunts and , and so here I go:

This is the generic dedication song
I wrote for all the people that want me to write a deication song to them
And this is for you and for your brother too
It's the generic dedication song that I wrote just for you

And I don't know anything about you
I don't know what you eat late at night
I don't know where you are when your not suppose to be there
Or what your doing right now

You could be in your bathroom
You could be in your bedroom with someone else
And I don't know if there a guy or a girl
But I wrote this song for you

This is the generic dedication song
I wrote it all for you
And you could be Carl Sandburg or Taylor, Richard Tyler
or Slim Whitman or Dr Demento or Weird Al Yankovics
or you could be Frank or Frank's son or his daughter
or his grand daughter yeah
I don't know everybody that I wrote this song for
but if you are one of them now just put your name in this slot ________
Now put your name in it again __________________
Now this is your dedication song
This is your dedication song

Yeah this is the generic dedication song
That I wrote for everyone that wants a generic dedication song
And this is the kazoo part


This is the generic dedication song
For everyone everywhere who wants me to write a song for them
And I don't care if you sing along
Sing it short or sing it long go ahead and sing along

This is the generic dedication song
And here is the fourth verse and it's the third verse
or maybe it's the 17th verse
Just put your name in here __________________
And I don't know what you do
But I hope whatever happens to you it's a real good life
A real good life

This is the generic dedication song
That I wrote for everyone that wants a dedication to them
Here is your dedication

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