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Hi,I'm Frank at Mad Media bringing you a new CD
that you might be interested.
Are you sick of good music ?
Are you sick of music that you enjoy ?
Well here's something new that you may even hate.
And you'll love it if you really hate music
and you really love music that you hate.
The Sappy Crooner who sings:
I'm wearing life cereal all over my body,
I don't eat it for breakfast anymore.
It's now you can wear it.
Or you'll get this other song by The Sappy Crooner called
There Are Dead Fish in my Car
and That's Why I smell so bad.
Or how about this other one:
I Have a Headache and I'm Coming Over ?
Or how about this one:There Are Snakes in my Bedroom
and In My Kitchen so Come on Over and Visit me
and We'll Enjoy Watching the Snakes ?
Or how about um That Tack is Sharp and I Sat On It ?
Okay well send $9.99 in 5,10,or 20 easy payments
and maybe we'll send you one eventually.

Ah Fly by Night
ah Mad Productions
Fly by Night records
Ah 1919 Nowhere
Um someplace in Arizona

Okay I'll be calling you again sometime soon by

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