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Doctors discover high salt, high sugar,
& high cholesterol is good for you.
Eat lots of junk food but stay away from vitamins.
These nasty bandits (Vitamins) can destroy your brain if your not careful.
Be careful when eating vegetables
and fruit they might lower your high blood pressure to normal.
Going without breath can lengthen your life providing you don't suffocate.
But don't exercise you might lose that excess flab
that makes you so attractive.
If you must exercise keep in mind that the best exercise
is over exerting so that your heart will explode.
Never worry about what's in your glass as long as it taste good
Cigarettes before were said to cause cancer
now have been discovered to be the cure to the common cold.
The more you cough the healthier you are.
Staying up will keep you awake and then you will be alert.
Drink lots of coffee or jolt or even better:
{Too much of a bad thing is good for you}.
Poison Ivy when eaten will help you itch.
But stay away from that diet food it taste funny
and they removed the chemicals.
If you lack energy eats lots of candy and sit around watching TiVo,TV.
Never worry about calories and as long as the food taste good.
Your Doctor Ralph Phony.

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