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Hey let's talk
How's your Mother?
How's your Father?
Go ahead you can talk back
Oh you think I can't hear you
Oh but did you know
I put bugs in your apartment
Yeah all over
In the bathroom too I even got cameras there
I know what you do when you get undressed
Well um oh speaking of Mothers
Did you know your Mother's
Mother's Mother's Mother's Mother's Mother's Mother's Mother's
Well anyways
Does it really matter?
And do you know the point
Of what we're talking about?
Well you see if you point with your finger
and then stab it into someone else's eye
It hurts
So don't do that
Make sure you always talk with your hands
And then hit people in the face
And while your talking with your hands it really expresses you know
Don't you like it when people talk with their hands
You know
Well the other
You know
The other day
You know
You know
Well I'm sorry
Did I mess up your food
On the floor there
Well I didn't mean to knock your food down
I was just trying to express how I felt about this one situation
Did you see the fish that got away
The fish this big
No the one twice that size
You know the one I caught which broke my line
so I'll never know what it look like
And anyways um here's the picture with my thumb in the way
So a
It really happened
When I was inside that Whale
On the tooth it said Jonah
No I'm just kidding
So um
Yeah and
Well oh
This is called the keyboard
And a you go like this and you've got piano
And um right here is some strings
This what a violin sounds like
I'm off to see the wizard
No I didn't right that song I'm sorry
A oh yeah sitar you like sitarist don't you?
I always thought if I ever
I thought if I ever did
A really different type of album
It would be cool to write a song on sitar
So that I could um
You know people sit around listening to the album and thinking
I'm talking about wise things
And they can relate
and get meaning from the album because it's got sitar on it

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