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I know not how to love you
I know not how to say
Words with so much meaning
They'll blow your heart away

I'm sure within the time dear
Maybe I'll find the words
But even if I can not
My love will still be dear

It's not the words I say
It's not the way I kiss
It's not the way I hold your hand
That causes so much bliss

These things are nice I'm sure
But if you didn't care
All these things that I do
I wouldn't really dare

Oh Faith be not so blind
And Truth be not so dim
And God be not so faraway
That we cannot follow Him

Hope be in strife
Love encourage life
Guide us when were down
And help us do what's right

Mere mortals such are we
We fail to see the Light
So God have mercy
And make the road wide

I saw you in the corner
You were by yourself
But I could not leave you there
I felt a need to help

Something spoke to me in the room
At that moment then
It's like the fact of the Empty tomb
He rose from the dead

I hope you will not worry
I hope you will not cry
I hope you will not be confused
The day that I die

It is a fact we all must die
We all must sleep someday
So my dear do not weep
I'll go to God hurray

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