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I've got the blues
Got the blues
Got the blues
I'm all blue hoo hoo hoo hoo
I've got the blues
Got the blues
I'm blue
I'm blue
I'm blue
I'm blue
I'm blue
I'm blue
I'm blue

Well it's Saturday no Friday
Or Saturday
Or then It's Mon-Monday ?
Or it's
Thursday all the time

Well some people
They get the reds
You know like Pete Rose and that gambling stuff
And some people
They turn all green
Or some people
Just turn orange
Or something in between yeah
Something in between

But I get the blues
I get the blues
My hair is blue
My face is blue
My teeth is blue
My skin is blue
I'm blue
I'm blue
Through and through
I'm blue
You know it's true

Well I'm depressed
Yeah I'm depressed
I got up to get dressed
But all I could find
Was a dress
I'm depressed
To excess
I'm just depressed

A friend of my friend
Said he parked his car
In the Emergency zone
For just a minute
He was planning on
Moving his car
He forgot about it and later they tolled it away
He forgot about it and they tolled it way

And another friend of mine
Has a car
You know sometimes
It actually starts
And sometimes
It stalls
And sometimes we've got walk real far
Sometimes we've got walk real far

I've got the blues
I had the blues
I think was
Maybe yesterday
I'm gonna get the blues
I hope it's not tomorrow
The blues
The blues
And that dark gray sorrow
The blues
The blues
The blues

Well I went up to this
Hippy dude
I was thinking maybe
He could help me out
I said
Could you spare a dollar
He said peace, love, get a job
Peace, love, get a job

Well you know sometimes
We get the newspaper
And sometimes
We got to look all over the yard for it
And sometimes
We find it on the roof
And sometimes
We just don't get the paper
It's all bad news anyway

And sometimes
We get the mail
And most of the time
It's bad news mail
But most of the time
When we get the mail
It's bills
Or then it's junk mail

Blah blah blah
Blab blab blab
Wowwwww !
Oh ee owe yeah
Owe ee oh

Well my girlfriend
She got red hair
But last week
It was black
And yesterday
It was green
And tomorrow
Tomorrow it'll be blue

Well my girlfriend
She don't go out with me
She went out
With my brother
And she went out
With my best friend
And she went out
With My Father
My Father
My Father
She went with my Father their married

And you know some people say
The Grass is greener
On the other side of the fence
I went over there
To check it out
I found weeds weeds snake snakes
Snakes weeds weeds

And the morrow of
The story is
Be content with what you've got
You can't be content
Then be prepared for the punishment
Be prepared for the punishment

Yeah I get the blues
Get the blues
Oh yes it's true
Yeah they can even happen to you
The President he gets them too
(you know something like iraq and the middle east there)
The President gets them too

Well I guess that this
Is the end of my song

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