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Hi, My name is Rudolph the Robot
with a warning for the people that bought this CD.

Warning ! The following songs were written by a street musician
before he was signed by a major record label or had a college degree
and so they may have truth or humor that will either wake you up
or gross you out.

If you are used to listening to The Bubble Gum Rock
or INSX or the Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears
then the following songs may either change your life
or shock you so much you may actually sell your designer jeans
and become a monk or rabbi and change your name to what it was before.

Which means you may tell your friends what you honestly think.
Then again Art thinks most people life's are so shallow
he doubts most people will think anything
but that the following songs are just jokes.

Except where Art is trying to be funny
and then he thinks people will think those parts are weird
or strange metaphors for sex or drugs.

So don't even waste your time listening to this CD
quickly go sell it to the used CD store
and used the money to buy whatever Rolling Stone Magazine says is cool.

Don't bother even listening to it because it might make wake you up
and you might have to get a real life.

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