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Talk about a depressing song and here's another great depressing song
I wrote about a guy losing his girlfriend
and then her coming back into his life as a friend
and wow well anyways here it goes it's called My Horse Only Came in Show.

I haven't seen you in years
And I still feel the tears
And why you ever did come back
What it just to reveal the fact

It's over
It's over
And I never did find no 4 leaf clover
No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
My horse it only came in show
I bet on it to win
By like a basketball that only hits the rim
It doesn't score a point
My life is out of joint-oint-oint

I didn't win the game
I feel so full of shame
I'd cry out your name
But I can't remember was it Jill or Jane

I feel so full of pain
I want to walk all day in the rain
Like Buddy Holly's plane
Or missing the last train*

I'd call you up today
I bet I know just what you'd say
You'd probable hang up anyway
So I guess it's safe to say-ay-ay*

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