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Okay ah I'm gonna tell you a story now.
This is not a true story but it's a fiction story
But Jesus used to tell parables and a lot of those
where fiction stories that he made up.
And think sometimes we can learn from a story.
It will sound really good I hope and I hope you enjoy it.

This is about this airplane.
There was an airplane in the air and it was flying mmmmmm.
You know it was flying up in the air there.
All of a sudden all these clouds started gathering around.
Tons of them. So many clouds more than anyone seen.
You know just lots of them and he was lost and he didn't have a compass.
He couldn't even tell if he was up or down or was going to crash
So he told the passengers:
This is the pilot there is going to be a crash
you know and well there was a believer in the Lord on the plane.
This guy was a faithful committed person and he was bold for the Lord
and he had been praying that the Lord would give him a chance to witness.
And here it was so he stood up and said Father in the name of Jesus
will you steer the plane to safety.
Now there was half the people believed and the other half didn't believe
and of coarse the pilot he believed
but there was only half as many parachutes as there was passengers.
So all the people that didn't believe they demanded the parachutes.
Said we need these parachutes we got to get out of here,
there going to be a crash and we don't want to die.
So they all jump off the plane and some of them landed in the dessert,
and some in the ocean,and some on mountains,
and some in other nice places as well but they're all late for work
cause they weren't on the plane.
And the clouds clear all the people that believed stayed on the plane
and all the clouds clear away it was a beautiful day
and they got to the airport on time.
And some people were able to go to that nice vacation spot
they wanted to go to.
It was a real nice day and goes to show trust in the Lord
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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