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This is the filler song
Yeah I'm just filling up the space between
the rest of the CD with this song
This is the filler song
Aren't you glad you bought this CD because it's got lots of music on it ?
Infact I decided to fill up a lot of it with just this song

Hey have you shaved lately ?
Hey what are doing right now ?
Do you know what your brother is ?
What about the police ?
Are they knocking on your door ?

Open up
Open up this is the cops
This the cops
Open up this is the cops

This is the filler song
I don't know what it's about I'm just making it up as I go along
This is the filler song

This is the filler song
Filler up at the gas station
Fill up this CD
Philip ran for president
He lost the election so instead he's working at a gas station
Yeah he says they say to him Philip filler her up
Philip filler her up

Did I mention this is the filler song ?
Yeah this is the filler song
What do you get when you don't cross nothing with nothing ?
You get more nothing
Unless you don't cross it
Then you still have nothing

We're going faster

I drop my a
I drop my pick
I'm gonna try to find it here
Oh I'm gonna have a little more ice tea well I'm here
This is the filler song
so I'm just filling up this spot with all sorts of rapping
and talking and rambling on

Okay I found another guitar pick here

Were going slower
We're going slower
We're going slower
Were going slower

You know sometimes life is slow like a clock with elephant's legs
weighing it down
Other times life is fast like a bird with wings
And you no time for anything
Because everything's going really fast

This is the filler song
This is the filler song

You know everybody likes kazoo on the song
So I thought well you know then maybe I should put
some kazoo on the song

What's your Mother doing ?
Right now ?
What are you doing ?
What about your parent's parent's parent's?

The police are at the door
This is the policeopen up
We know you've gotta
We know you've got a joint in there no just kidding
I don't do drugs actually

Well you maybe wondering why ?
Well I'm not here to tell you what to do but
I feel free
I don't have LSD
And I feel free
Because I can think clearly

This is the filler song
A song so long
A song so long
It's filling up the space on your CD
You wonder why you play it
And now your trying to get out of bed because you put the CD on
and your relaxing and now you realize it's kind of going a little long
and you wonder what you should do
Maybe you can get your friend Ralph to get up
and flip the switch or something
Or someone else because you know your procrastinating
But you really want to get up but I'm starting say something interesting
What is interesting
Interest from your CD
Interest from your CD at the bank
What does that have to do with this CD
Well this CD might be interesting
But your not going to get any interest unless the price of CDs
go up and they pay you more for it at the used store
but I don't know
I doubt that will happen

Your at the GBS network
Gullible Broadcasting Network
We play gullible TV show that we think your gullible to watch
It's gullible
Gullible TV
You know you have to watch
Have to watch TV No
Gullible network

This is the filler song
A song so long
A song so long
That It fills up your CD
Don't that make you happy ?

Hi How are you doing ladies and gentleman out there in the audience
I talk funny don't I ?
But maybe you talk funny I don't know ?
You talk normal you think but maybe it's funny to me
Because you think I talk funny,
but maybe I talk normal and you're the one that's really weird ?
I don't know some people are really weird in the world
They do a normal job that no one wants to do
and they think they're normal
But they're doing a job they don't want to do
Then there are people out there that people think are weird
and their normal because they are doing what they want
They're doing a fun job that they enjoy.
And then there's some people out there that
Some people out there
Hey did my voice change
Okay anyways
Some people out there that think
Ah think they are
Lets see they think they are weird
No there
Well everyone else thinks their weird but their normal
I don't know

This is the filler song
I think that the recording guy's going to tell me when I go
When I'm doing to much music here and I should quit so
Anyways I'm filling up the space
So that you get your money's worth
For the CD you're buying
You're getting it fill up with this song
I'm not sure how along I'm going to go here but isn't it interesting
It's almost like revolution number 9 or something
Maybe I should say number 9 a couple of times
but that might be ripping off the Beatles or something like that
Yeah I'm just making up stuff here

You know sometimes a songs starts out
You know you start
You start to think there's going to be a really cool
A really cool riff
And then nothing you know what I mean

I was running
I was running down the street
I had to keep running
I don't know what was chasing me though so I stopped
I just started walking
Then I started running again
I started screaming help !
Help !
Help !
Then I realized I was inside a vacuum

This is the filler song
I'm just making up stuff as I go along
Some of it's funny and some of it's weird
As long as you keep listening then you'll get to hear
Everything I say on this song
Don't you like it
It's not short it's kind of long.

I think I'm going to have another swig of ice tea right here
How are you doing out there listening to my CD ?
Is it good do you like what you hear here ?
Is it jazz or funk or what do you think of this ?

I keep hearing these you know it's like stars or something
I don't know they just make these little echoes
It's like someone is splashing something on top of the water or something

Well I'm doing that part with my one hand
The other hand's got a glass of ice tea in it and I'm drinking it
I don't recommend ice tea unless you don't mind staying up at night
It's got caffeine and sometimes it causes you to lose sleep
But then sometimes it's kind of fun I don't know
I don't know what were we talking about ?

Oh look out
Their looking in your window
Their looking in your window

Are we going over ?
I've got 2 minutes
I think I'm going to end this song right here

This is the filler song
A song so long it filled up the end of your CD
Don't you like it ?
Well I'm glad you bought it
Next time you see me you can thank me
Have a good one

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