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Hi um.
Yeah um.
Boy the traffics really bad around here.
Ah no.
Ah anyways yeah.
Anyways I got this keyboard and it's a concert made 680.
680 and motorcycle no.
Ah and um.
Anyways it's got sound effects
and so some of the time I'll be playing different instruments
on the keyboard here.
Well I wanted to explain how I decided to write this keyboard ah CD
with sound effects and everything.
So I had ah along time ago learned how to play a little bit of piano.
Just a tiny bit.
And ah but I always wanted to write melody to go with the chords.
I just knew chords.
Well almost not in sound effect anyhow.
But anyways I just knew chords I didn't know melody.
But I was talking to this guy and he said:
" Now remember when you do melody you can write any.
You can play any song as long as you remember that there are
certain notes with each chord.
You know in each key.
You know like in the key of G you only play certain notes.
In the key of E you got to play some minors and stuff like that.
So thus I.
With that clicking in my head I remembered
The Beatles used the notes in their chords to do.
Well anyways they used the notes.
I've got to hurry because it's kind of loud around here and I don't know.
Anyways The Beatles used the notes in their chords to figure out
some of their melody ah for some of their songs
so that's how I wrote ah Purple Bananas.

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