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One day he just came along, he said " Lady you look very lonely."
No I was not all alone. I said "At the moment I'm know as Zoƫ".
He looked at me so gently. Like my hair he wanted to comb.
I said " I would be so delighted." I couldn't wait to see my sweet home.
Oh oh oh oh. Ooooooh the way he pets me.
Now I am his p...p...p...pussy cat

Every night a song along? About while he took me on my dream ride.
Every morning he get me squeezed.
I'm leansome honey, baby please.
I was his, he was mine. Everything tasted os so fine!
Loved his touch, loved his voice.
He loved my temperature, loved that moist.
??? was my time I took a good care I do keep things stacked.
Excuse me, it's my clean nature. Baby would you please and know for sure.
Afternoon goes on and on. I take a nap but I miss him bad.
Dinner is ready, I'm also ready!
I hear his footsteps, he kisses me purrr.
Oh oh oh oh. Ooooh the way I beg him.
Oh oh oh oh. Could you please, please do that?
Oh oh oh oh. Ooooh the way I scratch him.
Cause I'm his p...p...pussy cat x

You see how love goes. You see how men fall.
You see how I look at him with twinkle eyes
like I'm so helpless, you're so kind.
A man wants to feel like a man.
If you like him give him a chance
and be the most insistable the killer kind p...p... pussy cat.
Ooooh baby how you find me. How you take me, you always bind me.
My homless love you was home, you empty or hurt you was gone.
You looked at me so gently like my hair you wanted to comb.
I said I would be so delighted I couldn't wait to see my sweet home.
Oh oh oh oh. Ooooh the way you pet me.
Oh oh oh oh. I'm so good on your lap.
Oh oh oh oh. Oooh the way you feed me. I'm your p...p... pussy cat. x

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