Dismal Past - Outlaws Lyrics

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An historic time, lightning strikes from the sky
Robbery each day in town. On horseback to attack
Crucial situation. Gunshots will ring in your ears
Kneel down and obey, maybe they will spare your life
Pinion pitch black, you're in pain

The hope is gone, I'm all alone
Pretending I'm dead, lying here next to their feet
They're stepping all over me

Insanity the outlaws are mad
They got no remorse
Killing shooting down everyone
I'm about to lose my mind
Ending is near

The gang is here, they hit the spot that the mark
Leaving no one left alive
Outlaws from the coast, they are only here for stealing
Killing, rip it all up in peaces
Burn it up, crash it down
You better run for your life, someone shooting at you now

This lunacy has drift us apart
I would appreciate a brand new start
These wounds has gone deep in my soul
A dark cloud is coming down

The devastation of our town is done
Their impression seems to be of what they've done
Grim and hard coldminded creatures
No one knows when it's going to stop

Every man has to make a decision
Who's got the right to choose who's gone live?
All this memories will last forever
The outlaws has come here to stay

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