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A new child is joining this earth
Needs a mothers chest to feel safe
With arms wide open, you will follow his way
So woundable, frightened, he must have your comfort
This kid is special, kind of odd and dumb
Strange things happen when heís around
But as a mother, as a father, you will
Love him, hold him, in joy and sorrow

The Kid is evil
No one knows his intentions
He seems so harmless
But donít interfere
The Kid is Evil
It's the exorcist within
Stop this madness
Save this boy from hell

Many years has been flying away
Since the day of the birth
He has discovered all the gift's that he's got
He can move everything, with his mind
The devil that has entered his mind
Seems to be there to stay
No one know how to evoke this creature
He becomes fiendish, evil, who will stop him?

Innocent child has been infected of this
What have he done?
To deserve anything like this
To be the one. To be the one

He is dreaming that he plays in the park
But instead he's all alone in the dark
Soon he will join them, he can not hold on
This kid was evil, now itís all gone

I am the chosen
I am the one

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