Dizzee Rascal - Imagine Lyrics

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imagine if i showed u 1 day i was leavin da hood,
wud u call me a sell out, wud u say its all good?
wud u folow if u cud?
or wud u jus tell me get da hell out?

and imagine if i showed u dat id found another way of gettin dough wiv out doin dirt,
lets blurt, wud u love me 4 givin u sum hope?
or ressent me coz ur pride got hurt?

imagine if we never grew up on a council estate,
an was country manor raised, wiv a spoon in our mouth,
wud we still b makin fuss about da east an da south?
wud we shiver at da robberys, murder an da crack?
an thank god dat we didn hav 2 live like dat,
jus an image on da tv as were comftarbly sat,
sippin wine room lit by da summer sunshine,
not a worry in da world as we cash will e chat?
oblivious 2 how we wud b livin on da flipside,
no experience, not a clue about a ruff ride,
no harrassment, no boy dem on our back side,
dat'd b amazin still!

but i no u wonder wud it make u any less real?
wats da current spot ur standin in, offerin,
if u had a better offer wud u go 4 da kill?
snap out of ur day dream, how do u feel?

does it all seem worthwhile 4 ya?
try an put it in perspective,
retrospective of ur profile an ur honour,
do u wana hang about or are u a goner?

come along fink fast, decision time,
uve been livin in da grime, don u wana climb?
da ladder of life, da wall of enlightenment,
or are u lookin 4 da hype an excitement,
coz deres so much drama in da LDN,
its kinda hard tryin 2 find legal money 2 spend,
generation, genocide look possible,
da rate at which we drew up 4 da sken,
an pretend, dat we dont no who da real enemy is,
who shud we hold responsible, instead we offend,
a couple square metres of pavement in da endz,
wat wud we acchieve my friends?

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