Dragonforce - Operation Ground Pound Lyrics

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Smashing through the boundaries
Storming through the burning fields
Stand before the evil one
On towards the morning sun
Falling under skies of pain

Still we're searching endlessly
Crashing over seven seas,
Torturing in the winter skies,
Riding over plains of ice,
Shadows in the fields of the slain!

Crashing steel and raging fury
Smash the quest destroy their army
Crush the legions of the twilight
Templars of steel wil burn

Cry far away as we reach for the day
Blasting our way through the punishment and the pain
Reach for the world as the sky begins to fall
Rising through the darkened ashes
Praying that I'll see you all

Far away will our eye now see the day
For today the everlasting eternal sun
Washed away the dreams of a brighter day
Forever hold the dream inside
The chance to fight another fight
The breaking hearts that stand for all our lives
Live tonight, woah, woah…

Watch you die, I watch you die inside
While fear controls your life
And reject this animosity
That killed so many minds
You feel the power deep within
The fear you hold inside
Just to find a reason for the treason
Now you will be mine

Screams of pain in death descending
Rise again from hell, defending
Burn their hearts within the fire
Warriors of light will be slain

Rise through the pain
Like the sun will rise again,
Day after day but the memories never change
Stand before the storm as the lost horizon falls
Blinded by the vision and
The innocence of our souls


[Solos: Sam/Herman/Sam]


[Solo: Herman]

Far away will our eye now see the day
For today the everlasting eternal sun



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