Ed Ames - Son Of A Travelin' Man Lyrics

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(Guitar riff)

Ba da da.....ba da da
Ba da da.....ba da da da

Well, I'm the son of a traveling man
And though I'm partially shackin'
Railroad whistles and freighter horns
Turn me on, and I'm packing

Seattle, Savannah
Orlando or anywhere
Chicago, St. Louis
Sheboygan, I'm going there

Though I know that I love you
And the feeling's so good
If you love me too
I'm warning you

Don't count em forever
We can have a ball together
But if fun time??? come admitten' comes a feeling
I'll be splitting

Tacoma, Pomona
Don't know where
I'm heading for
There's one thing I'm sure of
Just as soon as I get there, baby
I'll be feeling like
Traveling on once more

Baby, now that you understand
Well, there's no reason for sorrow
You know, I'm the son of a travelin' man
Here today, gone tomorrow

From Boston to Charleston
Wherever the four winds blow
I'm restless, I'm ready
There's a rainbow for me to follow
Anywhere that it leads me
I must go!

Milwaukee, Muskegon
Miami, the heart is there
Atlanta, New Orleans
Columbus or anywhere

Biloxi or Philly
Toledo I'm going there

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