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Well, I followed my feet all across this land
A tune in my heart and a bottle in my hand
From the cold, cold East to the woods out West
Ain't no home, just lucky I guess

I've seen the sunrise over the water
Howl at the moon by the amber's glow
Stole me a kiss from the barman's daughter
Threw on my peg and away I go

Well, it looks like rain and it taste like hell
Ain't nobody ever wished me well
Tried to make a stayin' in the welfare line
I ain't seen free in a long long time

Well, every town is gone by morning
Hitch to another till the sun goes down
Found me a box car, one of two brothers
Take out a bottle and pass it 'round

There's trouble at the border and a far of war
All in the water and a shut down store
The big bank's closing and the world ain't 'round
Jail filled up and the deal gone down

But I got all I need on the highway
Little bit of luck and rainbows too
Singing little song for the ones who ramble
Hard to carry on like the way we do

Now I've had friends who've walked that line
Spend life workin' for a nickel and a dime
They come home ragged at the end of their day
Feed on the table [Incomprehensible]

Sometimes I might have to wonder
How's it gonna end for a man like me
Slept with rain and danced with the thunder
I get a little bit old, I get a little bit old
I get a little, tune on the fiddle
And then I'll be on my way

Followed my feet all across this land
Tune in my heart and a bottle in my hand
The mountains in the East and woods out West
Ain't no home, just lucky I guess
Never had a home just lucky I guess

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