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You laughed and called me lucky
For having you around
And you stepped up to the bar
And stated swaying

The crowd all sang of failures
We drank another round
Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby

Rain fell on the window
As we watched the sailors dance
You kissed my hand and said
You were beside me

I held on in a moment
When I thought there was a chance
Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby

Well, out in the distance
Where the waters fade to blue
You used to say tomorrow
Was a foolish things to do

I thought I've seen it all before
But nothing quiet like you
Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby

I read to you the letters
That had blown in from the west
And we'd whisper of the dreams
That we'd been saving

You said you'd have it all
Nothing more, noting less
Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby

Now there's an emptiness
Standing at the doors
Trying to take me back
To the way I was before

I used to feel lonely
But it's not that way no more
Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby

Now the drunks have turn to strangers
And the stars are out of tune
As I think about the one
Who might have saved me

I know you're out there somewhere
'Tween the highway and the moon
Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby
Oh, bye, bye, bye, bye, baby

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