Hayes Carll - The Lovin' Cup Lyrics

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I got all night to remember you by
I got a half packed bag and a warmer night
Gonna love you, baby till the day I die
Don't worry

It's just sometimes people get a little fed up
Tired of not drinkin' from the lovin' cup
Y'all a-walk them on like itty bitty pup
And hurry

Well, seem like every time I get my heart
A couple good years then the bullshit starts
Did my best and I played my part
It's over

I'm sittin cross-legged in a holiday tree
Knowin' damn well you ain't a-thinkin' 'bout me
Just a sad reminder of what used to be
I'm gone

We go down, down, down, down, down
Love just left this town

If I had a dream, I guess I sold it
If I had a secret, Lord I told it
This here hand I never thought I'd fold it

Yeah, I had paid my dues and I served my time
We had a good tune but we never could rhyme
Put up a bug just to get back down
It's gone

I remember time when the news was right
And you said, "Go" we'd go all night
Now it's bitchin' moanin' fussin', fightin'
I'm tired, babe

If you're ever in trouble honey, I'll be there
But I'd rather be warm on a mournful bed
Black and seated, you don't care
I'm gone

We go down, down, down, down, down
Love just left this town

Oh what have I done

I can't believe these things I said
I let a couple of baggage go to my head
With a actual love I'll be old and dead
I'm sorry

It's gettin' hard to handle that lonesome sound
It's get back trouble I'm a-homeward bound
You're the only good thing as old boss man
I'm home

We go down, down, down, down, down
Love is back in town
We go down, down, down, down, down
The one good thing I found

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