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He said what about Los Angeles?
She said we never really made it that far west
We scored big in Denver and thought it might be best
To go hang around in the upper midwest

He said what about New Orleans?
She said I don't think you understand what that means
All those hangers-on, those girls lifting up their
shirts when the cameras come on
We were trying to stay away from those kind of scenes

And we didn't go to Dallas
'Cause Jackie Onassis said that it ain't safe for Catholics yet
Think about what they pulled on Kennedy and then think about his security
Then think about what they might try to pull on you and me

Saint Barbara, I'm calling your name
Don't let me blow up
We'll hook it all up
I guess there's fields of speed where there's fields of grain

Saint Barbara, don't let me explode
I can feel the whole scene
Starting to corrode
When we're fooling around on the frontage roads

He asked what happened to Charlemagne
She just smiled all polite-like and said something vague
She said Charlemagne got caught up in some complicated things
Then she wiped at her nose and she winked

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