Hunter City Madness - Pleatherface Lyrics

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Make me a forgery
The image of a man I will never be
Blessed by the hand of the goddess
Between the grave and the fire
Tired and you beckoned me to run
Rather be late
Than be the first one to come undone
Been to that place crawled through the dirt
Dirt knew my name and the days became ages
The earth was my skin
Scarred and discarded and wearing oh so thin
Surrender to drink
Succumb to drug
Poised on the brink
Between wonder and lust
Request another song
Baby it wont be long
As our bodies combust
Dust to dust
We know the wrath of the sun and it's coming for us
Occasion calls for it
I burn out like a fucking cigarette
Drawing final breath
Symbiotic unison
Read me my rights one by one by one (x3)
Then hand me the gun
Got a black lung and a bible
I am a wanted man
I walk a crooked mile and I stalk the desperate land
I am the plague
I am the parasite
I stay awake
I haunt you in the night
I am the ghost in the machine
I am the host and I am the leech
Strangled hopes and your broken dreams
Something is wrong... so very wrong with me
Is there a vacancy?
Is there a place for a wretch like me?
Allow me to fill that void
Dig deeper boys
Eat yourself alive
Devour the mind and the body will find a new way to unwind
Dangerous, cancerous, made for us?
Then fill me up
(madness, madness, glorious madness)
Tie my veins to the night train
Be with you at last
Run it off the tracks
I'm never coming back

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