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[Verse 1:]
I worked all week.
Cleaned up clean cut and clean shaved.
Got the cover off the 68.
Fire it up and let them horses sing.
A little pretty thing.
A little tan-legged Georgia dream.
She's a rockin them holey jeans.
Baby what you got goin on Saturday?
You know words got it there's gonna be a party
Out of town about half a mile.
Four wheel drives and big mud tires.
Muscadine wine

Oh baby you can find me.
In the back of a jacked up tailgate.
Sittin round watchin all these pretty things.
Gettin down in that Georgia clay.
And I'll find peace.
At the bottom of a real tall cold drink.
Chillin to some Skynyrd and some old Hank.
Lets get this thing started.
It's my kinda party.

[Verse 2:]
If you wanna drink.
Go on baby just do your thing.
Give up your keys.
Hell why drive when you can stay with me?
And then after while we'll sneak away from the bonfire.
Walk by the moonlight and down to the riverside.
Gotcha sippin on some moonshine.
Baby if you're in mood you can settle for a one night rodeo.
You can be my tan-legged Juliet
I'll be your Redneck Romeo.

[Repeat Chorus x2]

Ya'll ready for this?
Ya'll go and turn it on up.

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