Lata Mangeshkar - Chitthiye Punk Laga Ke Udd Ja Lyrics

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chitthiye punk laga ke udd ja
( she is sayin letter sprout wings and fly away)
gayer ke haath na awaye
( dont get into the hands of a stranger)
kher kabhar laye aridaye
( get me some news of my loved one)
kher kabaar lejayevi
( take some news from here)

ho chitthiye ne
chittye ne dard phira puwaliye
( i guess its a painful love letter )correcton required:( )
leja leja sandesa soniye yaar da
( take the letter of my beautiful(handsom) beloved)
leja leja sandesha soni ayega
tanu wasta dil da pukar da
(for the pain of heart take )
chitthiye dard phira kuwaliye
leja leja sandesha soniye yaar da
leja leja sandesha soni yaar da

pale vich aggde angare nahi lookde
(plae vich (?)fire stones does not hide)
ishq pei musq chuppaiye nahi chuppatde
(love and affair never hides what ever u do)
phir bhi yeh raaz jaan janti hai duniya
( the whole world knows still)
honton pei laga le chahe tale koi chupde
(if u lock ur lips with the locks of silence)
o munda takra yug pyar da(?)
chittye chittye dard ........

awaye na bechudra koi becharde na yaar se
never come this seperateness, nobody seperates from the friends
sunte hai aasuwo ka rista hai pyaar se
I heared that tears have some relations with the love
aansu se dard kee sholey nahi bhojate
and from the tears fire of pain is not extinguished
hai o rabba maut changi lambhi intazaar se
death is better then this long waiting process
dukh dena na kisko intazaar da
dont give the pain of waiting to anybody
chittye dard phira puwaliye
leja leja leja sandera soni ayeda
leja leja soni ayega
chittye chitthiye chitthiye

Posted By : Thaker Piyush

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