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Nothing's to be done
I'm about to go
Cause I've got a ticket to be on your show
There's chances to be taken if you want it made
Fences you can climb if it makes your day
But you wont's see me try cause it's not my style
I'm the boy in town you'll never hear about
They say they knocked me down I had not come up
But I'm not on the floor I was up on five
This is where I'm staying this is where I'm at
It's not much but it's mine at least
So take a tip from me don't go to the park
It won't be coming out from the dark
Where I am it's not that cool
But I don't want to hang around your swimming pool
Where boys will be boys and girls will be girls
I has hoping for a different world
I ease my feet and I'll take my seeds
Driving down the street where there's nothing to see
So kiss me once and kiss and tell
I don't want to hide cause that life is hell

Discos suck
But you dance dance til you're out of luck

Now you're taking speed at the speed of light
Having all the things that comes in your sight
So steal my love and take my car
Try to run but you won't get far
No I don't know what you mean
That is not my cup of tea
So take me up and bring me down
Leave me still with another frown

Discos suck
But you dance dance til you're out of luck

I left some people I left my crowd
The kids at the club can't drag me down
I'd rather speak about love and war
You'll never see me on a dance floor
So if you come around you better duck
Cause I don't wanto to go where the music sucks
Yeah, if I come around you're out of luck
Cause legends' man he's crazy as fuck

Discos suck
But you dance dance til you're out of luck

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