Leona Lewis - Missing You Lyrics

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If love is a journey, your my destination love sick with no cure.
Your my salvation all reason no rhyme.
Love had us both blind I put you on a pedlesole so high.
When I fell I didn't even hear you cry.

And find my way, and to find my way, and to find my way.
In a cold cold world but I'm missing you.
Yes I'm missing, you oh I'm missing you,
I hope your miss me too.

Heartbroken heartbreaking, and the roads
That I keep on taking trying to get you out of my mind.
Keeps on tracking me back in time
Oh we built on the sand castles in the sky,
Oh the storm came in and time was a tied.
Oh just like a burning house on fire.
I just stood there watching our love die nooo oh.

I hate to find my way ooh I had to find my way had my way,
In a cold cold world ohh hmmm.
But I'm missing you woahhhh ohhh oh.
I'm missing you ooh I'm missing missing yeah ohh yes.
I'm missing you yeah oh I'm missing missing missing missing you ohhh I
Hope you miss me too.

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