Metro Station - Be Without You (mary J Blige Remake) Lyrics

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Intro: I heard what you said, Just listen to me
Wanna be with you, wanna be with you, wanna be with you (oh oh oh
oh) (repeat 3x)

Verse: I knew that you were special from the gitgo,
I could see it in your eyes,
and I think about you every nite, cos, a love like your's is hard to find,
no I aint going through a phase, I know what I want, and,
so I'm pursuing, girl to make it happen,
(yes) do I love you
(yes) do I need you
(yes) look you dead in your eyes and tell you aint no...

Chorus: Baby aint no such thing as too long (I wanna be with you forever baby)
And no more waiting up until I get home (cos I'll be coming home early baby)
Make sure to say enough so I know how you feel,
Too hard to fake it,
Nothing can replace it,
I'll call the radio (cos I just cant be without you baby)

Verse: Gotta question for me (see I already know the answer)
But still I gotta tell you would I lie (no)
Make you cry (no)
Cheat behind your back and then try to cover it up,
No not,
My love's a dedicated love,
(yes) Yes I love you
(yes) I'm for real,
(yes) and I'll always keep in real

Chorus: (repeat)

Vamp: See you aint gotta worry I'ma always stay,
Good or bad (thick and thin)
Right or wrong (all day every day)
See if you dont believe in real love, then no,
this song it aint for you (no this aint for you)
But if you feel it deep in your heart, so deep that you know that its true,
All the fellas put your hands up (hands up fellas if you know that shes the one)
If you know that shes the one,
Now ladies put your hands up (hands up ladies if you know that hes the one)
There aint no such thing no...

Chorus: (repeat 4x)

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