Rasheeda - Boss Chick Lyrics

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See it's all about the way you put it down right
Gotta be sexy gotta be in control ya know
(Yean ain't never met nobody fly like me)
Hm. That's fo damn sure. Hey, cause I'm a BOSS

{Hook: 2x's}

I'm a boss chick, I'ma I'ma boss chick
I'm a boss chick, I'ma I'ma boss chick
Yean ain't never met nobody fly like me
Own house, own car, got my own money
I'm a boss

{Verse 1: Rasheeda}
Google me baby, I'm drivin' 'em crazy
Ya gurl so fly you can call me amazin'
Boss chick, that's the motto
We set shit off, we don't follow
We no gargle, we no swallow
Brush lames out the way like they did on Apollo (Brush 'em off)
Goodbye, adios amigo
I ain't stuck up I got a Kanye ego
Gettin' to this money like my name was Nino
How you think I got all this Luis and Rio
I ain't just talk pimp, this what I stand fo
An independent chick who be stakin' them bank rolls

{Hook 2x's}

{Verse 2: Rasheeda}

I got my own house, I got my own car
Like Lupe said, "I'm a Superstar"
I rock a white R class with the snow white rims
If you ain't on sit down like Webbie and them (C'mon)
I'm a boss like Tyra, Kimora, Beyonce'
Won't catch me slippin, ya gurl stay flossaay (flossaay)
What I need ya fo if you can't get dat
Playin in my piggy bank, I ain't wit dat
I'm da type to run a credit and swag check
Why you flexin' when you livin' paycheck to paycheck
You already know I ain't settling for less
I'm a Boss Chick, so that means I rock wit da best (C'mon)

{Hook 2x's}

{Verse 3: Rasheeda}
Now where dem bosses who be raising them kids
Pick 'em up and drop 'em off in your soccer mom whips
Ain't nuttin always paying the bills
So i can rock couture fits from Beverly Hills
Gotta keep the hair and nails fresh
Can play any position, but never the mistress
You can work a 9 to 5 or own your own business
Long as you runnin' shit it never easily impress (fo sho)
Stay in control 24/7
Keep it 100 always trend settin'
I deliver like UPS
Cause I'm a muthafuckin B-O-S-S

{Hook 2x's}

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